If you want to get anywhere quickly, you better hustle.

I’m a year into my first position as a marketer. I’m light years ahead of where I was when I first set out on this career path. And yet, I’m disappointed.

By now, I thought I would be practicing my trade more. I thought I’d be on track to having my own ideas. Instead, I find myself in a holding pattern. I’ve learned what I can, but there’s only so much you can learn without the opportunity to practice.

I’ve taken a step back to look at where I am now and where I want to be, and if I’m going to get there quickly, I better start hustling.

When I was a musician, I always felt like the world had failed me. Everyone else had better opportunities and I was getting the short end of the stick. It wasn’t my fault, I thought, it was the scene.

Looking back, I can see now that I didn’t hustle. I took the opportunities that wandered up to me, but I didn’t create any for myself. It’s easy to see how I failed at becoming a professional artist.

No more excuses.

I’m writing, I’m working, I’m doing my best, I’m making sacrifices, I’m volunteering my spare time, and I’m not making any excuses. I’m my own worst critic and my own cheerleader. I’ve got a plan and a timeline and if I don’t get there on time, it’ll be my fault and no one else’s.


Originally posted on November 16, 2016:

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